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joi, 5 mai 2011

They Killed "Beni"

I feel disturbed to see people dancing with joy cheering ones [violent] death, even that person is the so called Osama bin Laden.
In the media this event is presented as probably the best news coming from the Middle East. In most of the articles this is presented with joy, as a victory of human kind.
World leaders “hail” his death and welcome such news with joy, happiness, enthusiasm.
Americans cheer, sing, wave the flag in the streets in celebration.
The propaganda presents Osama’s death as a victory over barbarism, terrorism.

But how can we name then “cheering ones death”?

“I mourn the loss of thousands and precious lives, but will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.”
Martin Luther King jr.

5 comentarii:

  1. Values that are forgotten, my friend, it's a shame. One would think that the so called Bringer of Change would share the same values as his predecessors, but as you can see, it's not the case here.

  2. bai ignorantule! e bin laden! teroristul! a omorat, a facut, e motivul luptei antiterorism pentru americani... astea... deci rezulatul, ne place mult sa ne omoram intre noi si apoi sa facem parada cu asta!

  3. I'm starting to see a resemblance B.O. with that dumb G.W.B.

  4. E bin Laden, teroristul, conform a ce anume?

    Ca a zis o maimuta: War against Terror!

  5. nu vrei sa intelegi... S-a zis! si te rog adreseaza-te frumos, Maimuta aia e Politistul mondial sau... ma rog!!! deci putin respect te rog! :))))


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