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luni, 23 mai 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 9

Balkans Summit Proposed


The Austrian-Hungarian Foreign Minister intimated to reporters yesterday afternoon that he would seek the Emperor's approval to host a summit or conference over the future of the Balkans.

Speaking over cigars at one of Vienna's most exclusive clubs, the Minister said he did not want to call the conference out of a sense of emergency, but rather he believed that there was a great opportunity to build accord.

"I foresee greater cooperation between the Dual Monarchy and Russia over this matter," he remarked while gesturing with his cigar. "With issues over the Balkans settled, there stands little in the way between Austrian-Russian interchange and agreement. Let me also stress the Byzantine Empire would be an integral partner in such undertaking."

As to when the summit or conference might be held, the minister stated that he would like to discuss with other governments first.

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