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joi, 12 mai 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 4

Germany Seeks Strong Diplomatic Relations with Neighbors and a Bright Future


Though Germany is a relatively new nation in comparison to others around it, we are a proud and powerful people. With a strong but gentle hand, the Kaiser will guide the German people to greatness and properity. With new leaders and nations emerging throughout Europe this very moment, it is important for us to establish strong diplomatic relations with our neighbors and other nations in Europe. Germany will be a powerful economic force in trade, and a strong and deadly ally in times of war.

The first nation we have established relations with are the North African people. Germany stands for their independance, and an embassy to serve their ambassadors will soon be constructed in Berlin. Though unnamed officials have expressed intrigue in the idea of the alliance proposed by the Russians, no official comment has been made by the Kaiser, and no dialogue between the two nations has occurred.

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  1. Until now I have written about 40 epidodes.

    In the first episodes I am intorducing the main actors (Italy, Byzantines, Marroco, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Great Brittain, Sweeden, Russia).

    There will be employed different tehniques when presenting the information (official letters, press release, tabloids, declarations made by officials, spy reports).

    The articles are pure fiction. You may see that some of the names in the articles are known in the hystory (some are just a little distorted), there is no connection with those individuals, but i was just a little lazy and didnt want to invent a new name.

    Regarding the question: when will things start to happen?
    Well the answer is "soon". It stats with austro-hungarian foreign minister smoking cigars in a bar.


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