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luni, 31 mai 2010

Rock history and appreciation (Ep. 1)

When Rock ruled the Earth, bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine were each establishing a new category in rock music. In the early '70's the premises for Heavy Prog (prog=progressive), Symphonic Rock, Prog Folk, Krautrock, Jazz Rock/Fusion, Psychedelic/Space Rock were already created, but with a tremendous number of rock bands on the market the injustice occurred. Known bands vs. unknown bands. The injustice lays in the fact that a really large number of unknown bands kick ass and they should be known today as an important part in rock history, as they deserve. Who is to blame? Not their music, that's for sure. The fucking labels are to blame. British and American labels were making the law. That is why bands from Germany, Italy, France, Spain did not have as much publicity and critique as bands from Great Britain and America. And that is sad cause there are bands worth be known today as contributors to today's rock genres.
The first example that comes in my mind is Jacula, an Italian progressive band formed in 1968, way ahead of it's time. Band members: Antonio Bartoccetti - lead guitar; musician Charles Tiring - church organ; the experienced sound engineer Doris Norton - vocals and keyboards. Jacula was clearly ahead bands like Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant that were just setting the progressive rock scene, but the critics of the genre labeled the band as being too dark and strange. Jacula remained appreciated in some progressive circles. They recorded only two albums: In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum (1969) and Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus (1973). Please listen to the guitar distortion, it is the year 1969 !!!, listen to the organ and the keyboard effects. It is truly an awesome, dark and strange experience.

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Insanity hungers!

vineri, 28 mai 2010

joi, 27 mai 2010

Asta e!

Criză financiară fiind, oamenii de ştiinţă români se orientează spre domenii alternative de cercetare. Aceştia au anunţat entuziasmaţi că au descoperit ENERGIA COCEANICĂ. Cercetătorii au şi un motto: "Cu mâna pe COCEAN!". Le doresc succes în dezvoltarea de noi tehnologii care să suporte acest tip de energie regenerabilă.

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Do you like it when cold? Come closer, I am full of it!

vineri, 21 mai 2010

Friday, it's a magical day, it's music day with Canibal

In honor to the GOD, DIO day, all day today

Beginning of the Tenacious D movie The Pick of Destiny. DIO appears as he is today. A GOD on a flaming throne.

DIO - Institutional Man

DIO - This Is Your Life

luni, 17 mai 2010

On Armânji – General approach

The admission of the ”Armânji” as a distinct people is not a idea that was invented today. For me is something that existed forever (on a subjective level) and that can be argued (on an objective approach) with references to:
- The first written statements on ”Armânji”;
- The relations ”Armânji” had with the neighboring communities;
- The nation building theories;
- The formation of the nation states in the Balkans.

This process (of defining as distinct) might take ages, but is critical in order to maintain the ethnic identity of any people. The ”Armânji” are not inventing or reinventing anything, it is just what any nation we know today did and still does in order to preserve what is theirs.

Anyone has the right to be what he feels he is. And nobody or nothing should attempt to deny or forbid this. What you feel lays within and as long as you don’t feel ”Armân” you will never act as such.
Regarding the defining of the ”Armânji” community the process should be a two way one: from below and from above.
This is why it is important for everyone to define and acknowledge his identity and act accordingly.

(the above statements are a preview of the definition I will use for the concept of the ”nation” – but this shall be discussed in another article, as the present one is just a general approach of the issue)

In Romania there are two main directions that I will summaries as following:
- One of ”romanization” – which put aside the ”Armân” culture and embraces the romanian one;
- One of ”distinct identity” which tries to emphasize that ”Armân” culture, language, identity is something distinct (eg: ”Armânji” Community in Romania – Fara Armaneasca)

Nevertheless in order to achieve this several things are necessarily:
- Community development;
- Language revival;
- Improvement if the image of ”Armânji”;
- Decision on a common orthography;
- Cooperation with the rest of ”Armanji” located in different countries;
- Cultural reproduction.

According to the European Union directives in order to maintain and develop a minority group culture the state has to recognize it as such. This is what the Armânji” Community in Romania tries to achieve on a judicial level. Should this succeed in Romania will open similar opportunities for ”Armânji” all over the world.

Whether such groups will succeed in a confirmation of the national identity or it will fail remains to be seen.

There is only one God! RONNIE JAMES DIO!!! \m/

10.07.1942 - 16.05.2010

Thank you DIO! Thank you for the path you showed me! Now you can throw your horns upon us all. Rest in peace!

ELF - Never More

Rainbow - Self Portrait

Black Sabbath - Die Young

Dio - The Last in Line

Heaven and Hell - Bible Black

vineri, 14 mai 2010

Slayer goes to church

Friday, it's a magical day, it's music day with Canibal

It's hard to pick three songs from an album that is f...!ucking pounding your ugly face from the beginning to the end.

MISERY INDEX - The Carrion Call


MISERY INDEX - Heirs of Thievery

luni, 10 mai 2010

On Love

”Sacred things exist only for the egoist who does not acknowledge himself, the involuntary egoist … in short, for the egoist who would like not to be an egoist, and abases himself (combats his egoism), but at the same time abases himself only for the sake of "being exalted," and therefore of gratifying his egoism. Because he would like to cease to be an egoist, he looks about in heaven and earth for higher beings to serve and sacrifice himself to; but, however much he shakes and disciplines himself, in the end he does all for his own sake… [on] this account I call him the involuntary egoist. … As you are each instant, you are your own creature in this very 'creature' you do not wish to lose yourself, the creator. You are yourself a higher being than you are, and surpass yourself … just this, as an involuntary egoist, you fail to recognize; and therefore the 'higher essence' is to you—an alien essence. … Alienness is a criterion of the "sacred."
(Max Stirner – The Ego and Its Own)

The egoists are not isolated individuals, but spend their time in ”uniting” relationships and implementing connections between them and other individuals and in the same time remain independent and self-determined. The core feature in such a form of organization is that is does not involve the subordonation of the individual. This type of authonomous union determines a constant shift of ”alliances” which makes possible the unification of individuals without loss of sovereignity, without being subdued to ONE. The association is more like a instrument as individuals pursuit their own goals and neither there is no shared final end nor the association is valued in itself.

Regarding love there are two main features that i think should be taken into analysis. First when the ”owness” is sacrificed and the second the ”egoistic” love which emphasise self-mastery. I mentioned them both because the ”egoistic” love is not a fix concept but more a dinamic one.

Basically egoistic love does not exclude the fact that the individual will do something in order to inhance the partener pleasure (therefore would sacrifice his owness) as long the result makes possible the enhacement of his own pleasure in return. So in such a context the initial sacrifice of the owness makes possible the existance of egoistic love as long as the object of the egoistic love remains the individual himself.

Therefore the sacrifice of authonomy and interests to another is not a goal per se, but just a way to share love as long as that love makes me happy, excluding this way any kind of ”commandment of love”.

joi, 6 mai 2010

Description of Max Stirner

Look at Stirner, look at him,
the peaceful enemy of all constraint.
For the moment, he is still drinking beer,
soon he will be drinking blood
as though it were water.
When others cry savagely
«down with the kings»
Stirner immediately supplements
«down with the laws also».
Stirner full of dignity proclaims;
you bend your will power,
and you dare to call yourselves free,
You become accustomed to slavery;
Down with dogmatism, down with law.

(the poem is a description of Max Stirner written by Engels)

miercuri, 5 mai 2010


Aseară, înainte să mă pun să dorm, din gând în gând am ajuns să mă gândesc cu va fi la Sonisphere. Cum ar fi, aşteptând să înceapă concertul Metallica, să cheme pe scenă pe cineva din public să prezinte formaţia (deşi Metallica nu mai are nevoie de prezentare) şi eu să ridic o pancartă imensă pe care să scrie "PICK ME, PICK ME" şi chiar să mă aleagă pe mine. M-aş urca pe scenă super excitat şi super extaziat, m-aş duce la microfon şi aş tipa "Are you f(censored)ucking ready, you f(censored)ucking f(censored)uckers?" Şi poporul ar ţipa :"Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Canibal, Canibal, Canibal! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, şşşşşşş,,aaaaaaa. Spit on us, spit on us!!!" Eu:" You f(censored)ucking ladies and gentlmen, let me introduce THE FOUR HORSEMEN! First, I present you the man responsible for punching your f(censored)ucking mouths with heavy soloing, Mister Kirk Hammet! Spit a shred on me , Kirk!" Şi Kirk ar băga un solo şi poporul :" Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" Eu:"Now, let me present, you morons, the man with the axe, the man who will chopp your heads off, Mister James Hetfield! Chopp me up, dude!" Şi James ar muta muia poporului cu nişte riff-uri masive care m-ar face să mă prăbuşesc pe scenă şi să fac ca toţi dracii. James m-ar întreba: "Hey man, what's your favourite Metallica song, man?" Şi eu: "Give me that axe of yours, James, and I'll show you!" Şi aş începe să cânt tanananaaaaa ta nanaaaaaa na na na nananaaaaa. "F(censored)ucking Seek and Destroy, man, your riffage is massive!!" ar zice James. Poporul: "Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaa!!!" Eu:"ţss tap ţs ţs tap ţss tap ţs ţs tap. Mister Lars Ulrich, come beat me up with your sticks, man!" Şi Lars ar exploda într-un solo nebun de baterie. Şi poporul "Lars, Lars, Lars, yeaaaaaaahhhh, yeaaaaaaaahhhh, aaaaaaa,ssssss,,aaaaa!!!". Eu:" And last, on bass guitar, Julio Lopez!" . Şi basistul ar zice:" Homy, my name is Robert Trujillo!!!" Eu: "What?" RT:" Robert Trujillo, esse!" Eu:"Whatever, cholo! Smack that bass of yours!" Şi poporul:" ..........." Şi m-aş duce la James Hetfield şi l-aş întreba: "Hey man, to end the presentation, I have a question for you dudes". James: "Shoot!" Eu:" Is IRON MAIDEN better than METALLICA?" Poporul:" Huuuuuuoooooo, huuuooooo!" James:"IRON MAIDEN always was and always will be a source of inspiration for us. We are huge Maiden fans!" Eu: "Here is Metallica, f(censored)ucking ladies and gentlemen. Piss on me, James!" Şi aşa se termină şirul gândurilor mele, cu James pişăndu-se pe mine şi mulţimea aplaudând frenetic şi urlând: METALLICA, METALLICA, METALLICA!!!

marți, 4 mai 2010

Happy Star Wars Day!

When you say Star Wars you say Darth Vader. Today I celebrate you, Lord Vader! To your becoming!