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luni, 22 decembrie 2008

The Conspiracy Theories or the Fairy Tales for the year 2009

I think a conspiracy theory is a fairy tale adapted for the times we live in. For example, we have terrorists, bombs, secret organizations, New World Order, starvation, Miss World, political correctness, unions and federations, world domination, now let's see what we have in fairy tales: ogres, witches, magic, Black Emperor and Black Wizard trying to kill the White Emperor, the victory of good over evil, false heroes, hungry beggar, Cinderella and humble heroes. Both Conspiracy Theories and Fairy Tales influence people by making them judge and draw conclusions. For Fairy Tales the conclusions are either positive or negative. Things are pretty simple. For Conspiracy Theories things are not that simple because the conclusions are negative and that is because of the society we live in.
I believe that the Conspiracy Theories are audio-visual products of the need of the humankind to elaborate stories that have a meaning.
Why Conspiracy Theories never have happy endings?

vineri, 19 decembrie 2008

terms of the internet

-OMG meaning oh my god was first used by the creators of LOL back in 1999 and since then has been a subject to religious discrimination. Christians claim that it's the use of the name of their lord in vain and was the work of the devil, muslims say that it's taking THEIR god's name in vain, atheists don't give a fuck because they knew the term was meant to be used comedicaly . religions came to an agreement of the it's comedic nature when in 2000, harry potter fans claimed it to be the work of voldemort.
- XD is a rookie term and it's still generally new to the internet, unlike others, XD has no written meaning it's purpose it serves as a visual interpretation of a cartoon laughing face and if you don't know what that means just look at it again with your head tilted to the left. when this term surfaced it wasn't so easily accepted by the internet community, it was too confusing, it had no resemblance of an actual laughing face but it quickly started to receive global support when bloggers and online gamers started using it with a capital x, this brought new definition and clarity to an old term.
-WTF!! (means what the fuck) it was the breaking star of 2001. the term targeted the younger people and for years, it was that term that all parents hated. in 2003 various concerned parents associations released a long list of alternatives, in respons the creators of wtf released stfu.
-STFU shut the fuck up. enough said.
-LMAO this internets term meaning laughing my ass off had it's share of controversy within the last few years, especially with the peta organization which has resulted in a lack of lmao's on the internet. peta, standing for ethical treatment of animals suggests that the term shows negativity towards donkeys, commonly known as asses and they developed the alternative rofl
-ROFL may as well be the most inconsistent term of the internet in recent memory, it stands for rolling on the floor laughing. the term has recieved a huge amount of criticism due to the fact that official studies show that approx. 98% of the time it's used, nobody is actually rolling on the floor. but reaserchers tell us to expect a big rofl comeback within the next few years
-LMFAO laughing my fucking ass off. the creators of lmao did not slow down, they invented lmfao to protest, in opposition to peta's protest to ban lmao from the internet but in 2003 you couldn't even google peta without saying lmfao so in 2004 peta made a deal with said creators, bringing new life to the term lmao on the grownd that rofl would be promoted as an official term of the web, along with lmao and lol
-ROFLMAO was a collaborative term brought on the web by the minds that gave us lmao and rofl in an attempt to modernise the terms lmao and rofl, they created this fusion term meaning rolling on the floor laughing my ass off but it was reported as a marketing scheme to promote lmao and rofl separately. note: do not use roflmao, no human has or will ever have the capability to laugh that hard.
-LOL unless you've been hiding in a cave for the last decade, you know that lol stands for laugh out loud. after so many successful on record breaking years lol is now widely accepted as the most well known and user friendly term of the web, in fact lol is known to be an inspiration to the likes of lmao, rofl and countless other laugh related terms. it's popularity on the web has been compared to the one of the beatles in 1967
-WOOT upcoming star of the web. like XD, woot has no larger meaning, when pronounced correctly it serves to describe happiness or excitement, much like yay or woohoo. woot was named the offocial word of the year for 2008 and though it fades in comparison with lol, expect big things from woot in 2009.
that about all the crap for now, have fun throwing those lols on the internets

joi, 18 decembrie 2008

F...!ucking Impossible

Dude...I am nobody. I saw a video with the hobo living in the park infront of my house. He is f...!ucking famous.
Here is the video...


1) Telephone Palace (shiny, glassy s..!hit)
2) Doom's day
3) Muntenelu and Piticu
4) Raluca Bumbac (ex Mosescu) at her wedding with Danut Bumbac

marți, 16 decembrie 2008

Introspection my ass

I don't need this kind of "self attack". I know that for me I am almost perfect. Dude, I am so gentle, so careful, my skin is so silky smooth, my lips so tender, my eyes so green....aaahhhhh......Let's face it. I have a couple of bads but those are making me look more human to you. I have a bad attitude in the morning when I wake up and find things not done. Coffee not ready, my clothes not on me, my girlfriend still sleeping although she is late at work, the cigarette not smoking and not in my mouth. And my last and the most important bad...I am most f...!uckink lazy. But I like being lazy so I guess I am a bit perfect after all.

This post is a f...!ucking joke ...I don't mean it. For real
Am intrat intr-o perioada de criza... nu stiu altii cum sunt dar pe mine in decembrie ma apuca introspectia( si bine mi-ar fi fara). Nu doar ca te iau toti dracii gandidnu-te la curatenie, cumparaturi, meniu, cadouri si alte cele dar mai intrii si intro pseudo campanie electorala in care esti singurul candidat sau... daca ai tulburari de personaliteate... dar sa nu intram in detalii. Inapoi la introspectie, lucru la care eu esuez cu un patetism demn de cartea recordurilor...Vine anul 2009! yaaay!! timpul sa tragem linie, adunam si bune si rele, trecem in revista evenimentele majore, adaugam si oamenii pe care i-am intalnit in decurs de un an si calculam in ce mod ne-au fost afectate (sau nu) vietile. .. Bai mie-mi da cu minus!!! XDXD. O iau de la capat? Mi-e sa nu incurc sticlele cu chiuvetele si dopurile cu inceput sa ametesc si pagina asta elecronica nu mi se pare prietenoasa, asa ca trec la rezolutii. Sau nu? I dare the blog members to a game of tag and Ilhan, you're it!! heheh posteaza tu o lista de 'promisiuni electorale' si eu o sa ma intorc cu un alt post. bafta :D

luni, 15 decembrie 2008

Hover powered by Mitsubishi

If you like the car call 0755070453

or enter

I hate you Nedelcu Marius

pfffff...It's not easy to write this post. As an amateur angler with no big captures on the record, it's not easy to write this post. I have a friend. Also an amateur angler. I never thought that he will catch something worth mentioning. His name is Nedelcu Marius and he caught the biggest pike I have ever seen. I hate you Nedelcu Marius. The story goes like this...
Nedelcu Marius jumped from the bed in the morning of 06 December 2008 and felt very lucky.
He embarked in nea Sorin's boat and started to spot the winner places on Lake Holbina. The place he was at 12:45 AM was the real winner place. Using a Trabucco 0,25 line, yellow atom 19 g lure, a Cormoran 3 ball bearing reel, Ozana 2,10 rod and after a drill of 15 minutes with the help of Boga (another amateur angler) and his "plastics" landing net Nedelcu Marius caught the 7 kg pike.

I hate you Nedelcu Marius.

vineri, 12 decembrie 2008


Dacă nu merg sunt un ignorant. MNAC (Muzeul Naţional de Artă Contemporană) va găzdui începând cu joi seară expoziţia "Pădurea de sculpturi" ce va conţine 40 de sculpturi.
Dacă vreţi să vedeţi "Pasărea în spaţiu" a lui Brâncuşi, lucrări semnate de Andy Warhol, Mic bust al lui Diego pe o coloană realizat de Alberto Giacometti, mergeţi la muzeu, o listă comlpetă de autori o veţi găsi aici . Dacă nu merg sunt un ignorant.

joi, 11 decembrie 2008


A first-grade teacher, Ms. Brooks, was having trouble with one of her students. The teacher asked, "Harry, what's your problem?"Harry answered, "I'm too smart for the 1st grade. My sister is in the 3rd grade and I'm smarter than she is! I think I should be in the 3rd grade too!"Ms. Brooks had had enough. She took Harry to the principal's office.While Harry waited in the outer office, the teacher explained to the principal what the situation was. The principal told Ms. Brooks he would give the boy a test. If he failed to answer any of his questions he was to go back to the 1st grade and behave. She agreed.Harry was brought in and the conditions were explained to him and he agreed to take the test.
Principal: "What is 3 x 3?"
Harry: "9."
Principal: "What is 6 x 6?"
Harry: "36."
And so it went with every question the principal thought a 3rd grader should know.The principal looks at Ms. Brooks and tells her, "I think Harry can go to the 3rd grade"
Ms. Brooks says to the principal, "Let me ask him some questions."
The principal and Harry both agreed.
Ms. Brooks asks, "What does a cow have four of that I have only two of?"
Harry, after a moment: "Legs."
Ms. Brooks: "What is in your pants that you have but I do not have?"
The principal wondered why would she ask such a question!
Harry replied: "Pockets."
Ms. Brooks: "What does a dog do that a man steps into?"
Harry: "Pants."
Ms. Brooks: What starts with a C, ends with a T, is hairy, oval, delicious and contains thin, whitish liquid?"
Harry: "Coconut."
The principal sat forward with his mouth hanging open.
Ms. Brooks: "What goes in hard and pink then comes out soft and sticky?"
The principal's eyes opened really wide and before he could stop the answer,
Harry replied, "Bubble gum."
Ms. Brooks: "What does a man do standing up, a woman does sitting down and a dog does on three legs?"
Harry: "Shake hands."
The principal was trembling.
Ms. Brooks: "What word starts with an 'F' and ends in 'K' that means a lot of heat and excitement?"
Harry: "Firetruck."
The principal breathed a sigh of relief and told the teacher, "Put Harry in the fifth-grade, I got the last seven questions wrong.

miercuri, 10 decembrie 2008

298/2008-You are in court without a case

De cateva zile ma aflu intr-un blocaj. De cateva zile tot citesc legea 298/2008 (privind retinerea datelor generate sau prelucrate de furnizorii de servicii de comunicatii electronice detinate publicului sau de retele publice de comunicatii) si nu inteleg nimic.
1) Conform art 1 alin (1), legea isi are rostul pentru ca datele stocate sa fie puse la dispozitia autoritatilor competente ”in scopul utilizarii in cadrul activitatilor de cercetare, de descoperire si de urmarire a infractiunilor grave”. La art. 2 lit f) sunt descrise aceste infractiuni grave – legea 39/2003, Legea 535/2004, Legea 15/1968 – in alte cuvinte conform legilor mentionate e vorba de omor, sclavie, flasificare de monede, proxenetism, trafic de droguri si altele (nu are rost sa le mentionez pe toate). Pe de alta parte insa conform legii 298/2008 ”furnizirii de servicii si retele publice de comunicatii electornice” trebuie sa asigure permanent existenta unei baze de date pentru orice utilizator, datele respective urmand a fi folosite in cercetari (a se vedea in general Capitolul 2 – Retinerea datelor din legea 298/2008). In alte cuvinte, o firma de telefonie mobila imi inregistreaza datele apelurilor mele – chiar daca eu NU SUNT URMARIT PENAL – si le pune apoi, in cazul in care sunt cerute, la dispozitia SRI, SIE …
Sa inteleg in cazul acesta ca noi … noi, toti cetatenii Romaniei, suntem considerati din oficiu vinovati si in consecinta pusi sub urmarire? Cum ramane atunci cu prezumtia de nevinovatie? Cum ramane cu dreptul la intimitate?
2) Mai mult decat atat … nu inteleg rostul prevederilor legii in cauza. Sa dau un exemplu:
Firmele de telefonie mobila trebuie sa salveze in cazul fiecarei convorbiri urmatoarele:
- Numele, adresa si numarul celui care suna;
- Numele, adresa si numarul celui apelat;
- Informatia despre serviciul de telefonie folosit;
- Data si ora initierii si incheierii convorbirii;
- Locul de unde a fost initiat apelul.
Sunt nevoit in momentul acesta sa mentionez urmatorul lucru: conform art. 1 alin 3) din aceeasi lege ”nu se aplica in ceea ce priveste continutul comunicarii”.
La prima vedere pare ok … macar nu ne asculta telefonul (la propriu) ci ”doar” inregistreaza date despre existenta lor. Dar in cazul acesta ce rost are inregistrarea acestor date? La ce ii foloseste unui procuror, in incercarea sa de a demonstra ca X a traficat 1 tona de heroina, faptul ca de pe telefonul lui X a fost apelata persoana Y? Nu inseamna nimic!!! Acuzatul X poate sa vorbeasca de unde vrea, cu cine vrea, iar cel cu care vorbeste poate ca nu stie absolut nimic despre actiunile ilegale ale lui X. Sa vorbesti la telefon cu cineva nu inseamna ca faci trafic de droguri, nu inseamna ca cel pe care l-ai sunat stie ce faci tu. Mai mult decat atat, nici localizarea apelului nu isi are rostul. Daca acelasi X suna, sa zicem, din Buzau nu inseamna nimic, nici macar ca respectivul X a fost in Buzau. Telefonul sau il poate folosi virtual oricine si numai faptul ca de pe telefonul sau a fost apelat cineva din o anumita locatie, NU INSEAMNA NIMIC!!!
De ce ar fi votata in cazul acesta o lege care nu serveste nimanui si la nimic? Nici cetatenilor tarii, nici organelor de urmarire penala? De ce a fost votata atunci? Sa se obtina de pe urma ei ce anume?
3) Art. 28 din Constitutia Romaniei – Secretul Corespondentei – ” Secretul scrisorilor, al telegramelor, al altor trimiteri poştale, al convorbirilor telefonice şi al celorlalte mijloace legale de comunicare este inviolabil”. Mi se poate spune ca legea in cauza nu incalca acest articol, daca este interpretat in sensul art. 1 alin 3) din legea 298/2008. In sensul ca scrisorile, telegramele, convorbirrile telefonice … nu sunt citite. Dar imi permit eu sa intreb, nu se incalca acest secret doar prin faptul ca nu mai este cu nimic secret ca trimit un mail, o scrisoare, un sms unui prieten? Si nu ma aflu sub urmarire penala, ci conform legii 298/2008, doar pentru ca exist?
In cateva cuvinte doar aceasta lege face obligatorie urmarirea/monitorizarea oricarui utilizator de telefonie/internet, chiar daca acesta nu este pus sub urmarire penala, ci doar pentru ca exista! Mai mult decat atat, datele obtinute sunt total irelevante din punct de vedere logic intr-un proces, deoarece cum am spus mai sus ele nu pot folosi la nimic, simplul fapt ca ai sunat pe cineva la o anumita ora, din un anume loc nu insemna decat ca ai sunat pe cineva la o anumita ora din un anume loc si nu poate servi in nici un fel ca dovada ca ai savarsit infractiuni grave conform legii 39/2003, Legii 535/2004 sau Legii 15/1968.

Un exemplu de final – daca in momentul acesta data de 09 decembire 2008, ora 14,00, din Bucuresti de pe telefonul meu este apelat Usama bin Ladin (sa spunem) nu inseamna ca eu am vorbit cu el, nu inseamna ca eu am fost in Bucuresti la data si ora respectiva, nu inseamna ca sunt terorist, ci doar ca de pe telefonul meu a fost apelat telefonul domnului Usama bin Ladin in data de 09 decembire 2008, ora 14,00, din Bucuresti. Si doar atat.

the x-files?

duminică, 7 decembrie 2008

Danube Delta

my friends and yours truly.
For years we have the habit of going into the Danube Delta and seek refuge for a number of days.
I will stop here to leave space for everybody to write their opinion regarding Danube Delta.
Here I post only two places we visited :
1) 2008 Baza Unu and the "Delta Shakal" Organisation
2) 2007 Baza Unu and "This is Balta"

vineri, 5 decembrie 2008

În faţa Bisericii Stavropoleos din Bucureşti


Produsul românesc autentic muşcă din americănisme

Cei de la Burger King au o nouă campanie de promovare a unuia dintre produsele lor, Burger King Whopper Virgins. Campania foloseşte fotografii din diverse colţuri ale lumii, lumi ce nu au mâncat până acum pic de hamburger. Câteva fotografii sunt făcute în România. Fotografii cu ţărani care mănâncă un burger de la Burger King. Ţăranii s-au lăsat fotografiaţi cu burger-ul în mână sau deja în gură.

joi, 4 decembrie 2008

Festivalul de Film Japonez

Festivalul de Film Japonez revine în Bucureşti. Nu am fost anul trecut la prima ediţie dar cu siguranţă voi merge la ediţia aceasta.
Perioada: Joi 5 decembrie-Vineri 11 decembrie 2008.
Locul: Cinemateca Română, Sala Jean Georgescu, Str. Eforiei Nr. 2, Bucuresti. Intrarea este liberă, iar primele trei filme au şi subtitrare în limba română.
Programul filmelor îl găsiţi aici .

miercuri, 3 decembrie 2008

Eu informez, tu informezi, el/ea informează, noi informăm, voi informaţi, ei/ele informează, informat de, informează că trupa Cheeky Girls a participat la o dezbatere pe tema celebrităţii (!!!), organitzată de Oxford Union Society. După cum am aflat de pe site-ul acestei societăţi, printre vorbitorii cei mai de seamă care au păşi în camera de dezbatere se numără Ronald Reagan şi Dalai Lama, Richard Nixon, Maica Tereza, Albert Einstein etc. Cu toată ironia mediei britanice, fetele de la Cheeky Girls au avut ceva de spus la această dezbatere: un "Touch my bum" urmat de ridicarea fustei.
Cât de rău au ajuns studenţii din universităţile britanice dacă în iniţiativa lor de a vedea o bucă, o ţâţă, le-au invitat pe Cheeky Girls?

marți, 2 decembrie 2008

News Flash!!!

Inca un autor pe photobloggers. Super! Fratica! Bistari! Asteptam poze si alte materiale interesante.