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vineri, 19 decembrie 2008

terms of the internet

-OMG meaning oh my god was first used by the creators of LOL back in 1999 and since then has been a subject to religious discrimination. Christians claim that it's the use of the name of their lord in vain and was the work of the devil, muslims say that it's taking THEIR god's name in vain, atheists don't give a fuck because they knew the term was meant to be used comedicaly . religions came to an agreement of the it's comedic nature when in 2000, harry potter fans claimed it to be the work of voldemort.
- XD is a rookie term and it's still generally new to the internet, unlike others, XD has no written meaning it's purpose it serves as a visual interpretation of a cartoon laughing face and if you don't know what that means just look at it again with your head tilted to the left. when this term surfaced it wasn't so easily accepted by the internet community, it was too confusing, it had no resemblance of an actual laughing face but it quickly started to receive global support when bloggers and online gamers started using it with a capital x, this brought new definition and clarity to an old term.
-WTF!! (means what the fuck) it was the breaking star of 2001. the term targeted the younger people and for years, it was that term that all parents hated. in 2003 various concerned parents associations released a long list of alternatives, in respons the creators of wtf released stfu.
-STFU shut the fuck up. enough said.
-LMAO this internets term meaning laughing my ass off had it's share of controversy within the last few years, especially with the peta organization which has resulted in a lack of lmao's on the internet. peta, standing for ethical treatment of animals suggests that the term shows negativity towards donkeys, commonly known as asses and they developed the alternative rofl
-ROFL may as well be the most inconsistent term of the internet in recent memory, it stands for rolling on the floor laughing. the term has recieved a huge amount of criticism due to the fact that official studies show that approx. 98% of the time it's used, nobody is actually rolling on the floor. but reaserchers tell us to expect a big rofl comeback within the next few years
-LMFAO laughing my fucking ass off. the creators of lmao did not slow down, they invented lmfao to protest, in opposition to peta's protest to ban lmao from the internet but in 2003 you couldn't even google peta without saying lmfao so in 2004 peta made a deal with said creators, bringing new life to the term lmao on the grownd that rofl would be promoted as an official term of the web, along with lmao and lol
-ROFLMAO was a collaborative term brought on the web by the minds that gave us lmao and rofl in an attempt to modernise the terms lmao and rofl, they created this fusion term meaning rolling on the floor laughing my ass off but it was reported as a marketing scheme to promote lmao and rofl separately. note: do not use roflmao, no human has or will ever have the capability to laugh that hard.
-LOL unless you've been hiding in a cave for the last decade, you know that lol stands for laugh out loud. after so many successful on record breaking years lol is now widely accepted as the most well known and user friendly term of the web, in fact lol is known to be an inspiration to the likes of lmao, rofl and countless other laugh related terms. it's popularity on the web has been compared to the one of the beatles in 1967
-WOOT upcoming star of the web. like XD, woot has no larger meaning, when pronounced correctly it serves to describe happiness or excitement, much like yay or woohoo. woot was named the offocial word of the year for 2008 and though it fades in comparison with lol, expect big things from woot in 2009.
that about all the crap for now, have fun throwing those lols on the internets

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  1. I may add:
    DNFD = do not fucking disturb

  2. and GTFO, i might add a little story to that too

  3. some people cant understand GTFO even if you draw a map

  4. see this is where you are wrong .. beat them with a baseball club not a piece of paper!

  5. cred ca ati omis ceva . ar fi trebuit introdus in categoria asta si "BAIITDVM " .ptr neinitiati asta vine din limba traca si inseamna "ba abstractule ia iesi tu din viata mea"

  6. asta inseamna ca anonimul este talmaci?

  7. nu ma anonimul este the mad hatter


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