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luni, 22 decembrie 2008

The Conspiracy Theories or the Fairy Tales for the year 2009

I think a conspiracy theory is a fairy tale adapted for the times we live in. For example, we have terrorists, bombs, secret organizations, New World Order, starvation, Miss World, political correctness, unions and federations, world domination, now let's see what we have in fairy tales: ogres, witches, magic, Black Emperor and Black Wizard trying to kill the White Emperor, the victory of good over evil, false heroes, hungry beggar, Cinderella and humble heroes. Both Conspiracy Theories and Fairy Tales influence people by making them judge and draw conclusions. For Fairy Tales the conclusions are either positive or negative. Things are pretty simple. For Conspiracy Theories things are not that simple because the conclusions are negative and that is because of the society we live in.
I believe that the Conspiracy Theories are audio-visual products of the need of the humankind to elaborate stories that have a meaning.
Why Conspiracy Theories never have happy endings?

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  1. Conspiracy Theories actually have a happy ending - its the politician that presents him self as the Hero to save the day and therefore we have to elect him.
    The difference between Fairy Tales and Conspiracy Theories is that the latter ones are played on the stage of reality and also dont have an ”The end” message after the Great/Brave/Hero politician wins the elections. But continue after. And we get to see the result, and feel it on our own skin. On the other hand in Fairy Tales we usually imagine what comes after that ”The end” message, or its presented, but we never get to see if or what it actually happens for real.
    Here resides the difference between movies and reality, and the fact that people tend to confuse the reality they live in with fiction, but this is already another debate.

  2. conspiracy theories do not have a happy (or a sad) ending simply because they never end.
    and while in the fairy tales there's always a (hidden) message, which should somehow make you a wiser man, most of the conspiracy theories are just empty theories, without any real, useful message or meaning (just like our brave politicians)

  3. you are hiding the truth from me.. you infidels


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