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luni, 15 decembrie 2008

I hate you Nedelcu Marius

pfffff...It's not easy to write this post. As an amateur angler with no big captures on the record, it's not easy to write this post. I have a friend. Also an amateur angler. I never thought that he will catch something worth mentioning. His name is Nedelcu Marius and he caught the biggest pike I have ever seen. I hate you Nedelcu Marius. The story goes like this...
Nedelcu Marius jumped from the bed in the morning of 06 December 2008 and felt very lucky.
He embarked in nea Sorin's boat and started to spot the winner places on Lake Holbina. The place he was at 12:45 AM was the real winner place. Using a Trabucco 0,25 line, yellow atom 19 g lure, a Cormoran 3 ball bearing reel, Ozana 2,10 rod and after a drill of 15 minutes with the help of Boga (another amateur angler) and his "plastics" landing net Nedelcu Marius caught the 7 kg pike.

I hate you Nedelcu Marius.

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