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marți, 16 decembrie 2008

Introspection my ass

I don't need this kind of "self attack". I know that for me I am almost perfect. Dude, I am so gentle, so careful, my skin is so silky smooth, my lips so tender, my eyes so green....aaahhhhh......Let's face it. I have a couple of bads but those are making me look more human to you. I have a bad attitude in the morning when I wake up and find things not done. Coffee not ready, my clothes not on me, my girlfriend still sleeping although she is late at work, the cigarette not smoking and not in my mouth. And my last and the most important bad...I am most f...!uckink lazy. But I like being lazy so I guess I am a bit perfect after all.

This post is a f...!ucking joke ...I don't mean it. For real

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  1. maaaannn! I would have bet I am the only perfect creature in the world. I guess I am facing serious competition here.

  2. Muhahahahahaha! Yes, you are the only perfect creature. I am the only perfect being. Muhahahahahah!

  3. nananah you got it were supposed to post new year's resolutions so i'm off the hook!! muahahaha

  4. not. one can understand from my post that I will try not to be that lazy and that I will try to brake my bad morning attitude. hah. now give me a post dude

  5. Ilhan wrote:
    ”I am so gentle, so careful, my skin is so silky smooth, my lips so tender, my eyes so green”

    There is only one problem ... you are not a girl! - So cant take you for a coffee, a movie. :D

  6. I can act that I am a girl and ride with you in that new car of yours

  7. How about not!!
    Mate its obvious as you can read: Girls Only!

    For you I would recomend: walking. :)

  8. Why girls only dude? As you and others know... why girls only? Muhahahahahahaha


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