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luni, 31 mai 2010

Rock history and appreciation (Ep. 1)

When Rock ruled the Earth, bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine were each establishing a new category in rock music. In the early '70's the premises for Heavy Prog (prog=progressive), Symphonic Rock, Prog Folk, Krautrock, Jazz Rock/Fusion, Psychedelic/Space Rock were already created, but with a tremendous number of rock bands on the market the injustice occurred. Known bands vs. unknown bands. The injustice lays in the fact that a really large number of unknown bands kick ass and they should be known today as an important part in rock history, as they deserve. Who is to blame? Not their music, that's for sure. The fucking labels are to blame. British and American labels were making the law. That is why bands from Germany, Italy, France, Spain did not have as much publicity and critique as bands from Great Britain and America. And that is sad cause there are bands worth be known today as contributors to today's rock genres.
The first example that comes in my mind is Jacula, an Italian progressive band formed in 1968, way ahead of it's time. Band members: Antonio Bartoccetti - lead guitar; musician Charles Tiring - church organ; the experienced sound engineer Doris Norton - vocals and keyboards. Jacula was clearly ahead bands like Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant that were just setting the progressive rock scene, but the critics of the genre labeled the band as being too dark and strange. Jacula remained appreciated in some progressive circles. They recorded only two albums: In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum (1969) and Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus (1973). Please listen to the guitar distortion, it is the year 1969 !!!, listen to the organ and the keyboard effects. It is truly an awesome, dark and strange experience.

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  1. oaaaaauuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CAT DE TARE!! jos basca si ma inclin de recomandare

  2. frateeee, ce tare sunaaaaa!! stiu ca-s lipsita de originalitate, da' asta e prima reactie si trebuia spusa.
    tre sa mai povestesti. habar n-aveam de trupa asta. can't wait for the next posts :)

  3. oamenii erau totali, aveau si un medium in formatie, iar chitaristul era filozof. chitaristul canta si in Antonius Rex


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