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luni, 30 mai 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 11

Voice of Europe, head titles

The Iberian Mutual Defense Pact Signed!


Groundbreaking news from Iberia today: President Manuele Ariaga and King Alfonso XIII have signed a treaty uniting these two great powers.
This treaty is to be seen as a dual-monarchy type government. It should be know that any nation that goes to war with Spain is at war with Portugal, and any who are at war with Portugal are at war with Spain.

Regarding Austria Hungary, rumors are that the Spanish king expressed his interest due to its Hadsburg roots.

Austrian-Hungarian Minister Begins Preparation for Balkans Conference


The Foreign Minister has pledged to proceed with the preparations.

Apparently he had some discussions with the Byzantine and Russian governments over the matter. "With those three empires at the table," a renowned political analyst said, "there can be some substantive progress in deciding the future of the Balkans. Of course, this will likely mean the absorption of all the smaller nations into the larger empires."

Sources close to the Foreign Ministry can attest to the seriousness the issue is being treated.

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