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luni, 9 mai 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 1

Italian Queen is Kingless

Venice, Italy

The Queen of Italy, officially styled La Regina di Italia, recently made her way from Palermo in Sicily to the ancient city of Venice, the capital of one of the longest-lived Italian nations since the fall of Rome.

She had meetings with both Senator Antonia di Costra and Count Luigi Vanderas to discuss various agendas she has in store for Italy, as well as wishing to learn more on the stances the two politicians hold. Rumors were that Queen Lucia was possibly going to Venice to meet with possible suitor Count Vanderas were squashed when it was shown that Count Vanderas had in his presence a woman of his own.

Queen Lucia of Sicily has become a recent target for media attention and political scrutiny for her lack of a consort. James Whitworth, edittor for the London Times, recently wrote an article stating how the Queen was quickly becoming a role model for single and independent women in Italy, much as Queen Elizabeth I had been for Great Britain. Amoung a list of possible suitors was given: Count Ricardo Guillido of Milan; Duce Victor Antonio of Naples; Count Emmanuel Luisido of Genoa; Prince Osckar of Prussia, fifth son of Kaiser Wilhelm II; and Basilieos Alexandros of Byzantium.

So far the Queen of Italy has spurned all questions regarding potential suitors. "The Kingdom of Italy is my first priority. When Italy's priority has become whom shall become my consort, then will I consider," stated Queen Lucia near the end of her trip to Venice.
The Queen's travels will soon take her to Genoa, Milan, and Rome before she makes her first international visit to Switzerland.

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  1. I'm already starting to hate this Alexandros of Byzantium...More intrigue, please.

  2. Alexandros is a really great guy, a little paranoid, arrogant and megalomaniac.

    The first episodes will be a little boring as it will be about introducing the main actors.

    It will be interesting to see how they will position themselves in the begining and how their position will swift later as the situation develops.

  3. @canibal: it sounds promising though...who knows how the story will surprise us?....and maybe the intrigue will blow up our least let's hope it is going to be so...

  4. @Alina: yeah, you never know...

  5. omfg, omfg .... hai barbsulico cauta sa te exprimi coerent :)

  6. ce nu intelegi? ce nu-i coerent? bine ca esti tu coerent! (poftim coerenta! la gradi am invatat) oh my god! e clar?!

  7. @ TheAnti: tin sa subliniez ca ma cheama Andreea! clar?!

  8. @ toata lumea: mai cred ca incurcati relatiile functionale cu cele cauza efect!!!! Atat am avut de zis!


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