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luni, 16 mai 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 5

Russian Empire Seeks Diplomacy, Trade and Cooperation.

St. Petersburg,

The Imperial Capital was abuzz with excitement and energy this afternoon as His Imperial Majesty, Tsar Nicholas II, announced reform for political policy. Missives, telegrams and the such were exchanged between the Foreign Office workers and the Embassies of the great powers. According to the Foreign Minister, Russia and its Empire seek cooperation, diplomacy and trade with the nations of Europe.

Russia, the World's largest Empire, is hopeful to establish and maintain friendly and cooperative relations with the nations of Europe.

St.Petersburg made special emphasis on Russian interests in Poland and more notably Finland. Finland, particularly Viborg, remains a area of "Incredible interest" by St.Petersburg. Incursion into the Finnish and Polish nations will not be ignored or tolerated, the latter depending more on the circumstances. Russia also continues to uphold its sacred role as the great Slavic progenitor and protector, and will work towards the betterment of the Slavic peoples.

Russia maintains its outstanding relations with its smaller Slavic brethren, such as nations like Serbia.

On the other hand, Russia continues to toast the fair treatment of Habsburg Hungary by Vienna. Tsar Nicholas II also personally commented on his hope for a return of the League of Three Emperors--A union between the German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires. The Tsar informed state press through his secretaries that he will write to the leaders of Vienna and Berlin regarding the matter. The Tsar is also hopeful for reconciliation and understanding with the Byzantine Empire.

More news is expected to follow from the Imperial Capital as the day progresses.

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