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marți, 24 mai 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 10

Nordic Suitor


With the recent Italian announcement that the Queen may in fact be searching or at the very least interested in finding a suitor, Prince Wilhelm, the second oldest of Emperor Gustav’s children has begun making preparations to travel to Italy.

This has met with mixed views from the government and people. Viceroy Christian X and his staff have taken no official stance on the mater, but it is speculated that the Viceroy is at least not opposed to the mater.

The advisors of the still ill Emperor Gustav have announced that he his opposed to the possibility of a marriage between the Italian Queen and his son. His disapproval possibly stemming from hopes that the soured relationship between the Prince and Grand Duchess Maria of Russia may improve.

Also one of the popular tabloids in Sweeden has on the front page the article with the title “The Prince should be with whoever pleases”.
“These Nobles make such a dramatic and public event out of something that is a personal matter”, says Iguana `Lighioana` Thorhild, known for dating various nobles.

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