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vineri, 20 mai 2011

Friday, it's a magical day, it's music day with Canibal

Canibal is opening his box of progressive gems and he is giving you a taste of heavy progish art rock from LUCIFER WAS. This is a band from the 70's. They played without recording an album, until 1997, when they release Underground and Beyond, showing an immense potential and laying the bricks for the upcoming albums (In Anadi's Bower, Blues from Hellah, The Divine Tree, The Crown of Creation).

LUCIFER WAS - Darkness (Underground and Beyond) 1997

LUCIFER WAS - My Mind Said Stop (In Anadi's Bower) 2000

LUCIFER WAS - Leave and Let Leave (Blues From Hellah) 2004

No video from the album The Divine Tree.

LUCIFER WAS - Unformed and Void (The Crown of Creation) 2010

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