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marți, 10 mai 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 2

The Confederated Republic of the Rif, "Morocco"


The Confederated Republic of the Rif (CRR), more plainly known as ‘Morocco’, was born on September 18th of 1908, when the people of the people of the Rif, known as the ‘Riffians’, declared independence from the occupational forces of Spain and it’s puppet Moroccan Sultanate. Spain had initially planned to commit to a struggle to regain their lands, but French intervention, in the forms of various arms and munitions shipments to the capital, Fez, sent a clear message to Madrid that Paris supported Moroccan Independence.

Due to mounting pressure from Paris and an upper-class unwilling to commit to a costly war that would have taken decades to pay itself back before being advantageous, Madrid conceded the independence of Morocco and the dissolution of the Moroccan Sultanate. The nobility and aristocracy, for the most part, immigrated to Spain, while the people rejoiced in their new leader. However, the growth of the Confederated Republic of the Rif did not stop there.

Later, as similar tensions rose in French Algeria, Paris realized that the advanced weapons it had sold to Morocco would come back to haunt it, for it was well-known that Fez supported their African brothers in independence from the mother country. Realizing that it was best to retain cordial relations with their colony, Paris, in the Spring of 1910, granted French Algeria formal independence.

Unsurprisingly, in the Summer of that same year, 1910, the former colony of French Algeria merged with the Confederated Republic of the Rif, making it the most powerful independent nation in all of Africa.

It is now four years later, in the year of 1914. The Confederated Republic of the Rif has managed to maintain cordial relations with Paris and Madrid, and according to statements out of Fez, wishes for peace and cooperation among all European powers, especially nations possessing materials needed for the industrialization of the Republic of Rif.

It has maintained it’s same leader since the Revolution, Muhammad Ibn ‘Abd al-Karim al-Khattabi, who before the Revolution was a simply court judge. He became the leader of the Berbers in the Rif, Having created this command and power structure, Abd al-Karim created a stable state for the Berbers, and lobbied favor from the European nations that would be able to safeguard Riffian Independence.

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  3. Tomorow will be introduced he who was born a Profirogenetos (born in purple).


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