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joi, 19 mai 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 8

Nordic People Unified


Today a dream centuries old has been made to come true. Nordic Unity has been made a reality for the first time since the collapse of the Kalmar Union centuries ago.
The Monarchs of Denmark and Sweden-Norway as well as representatives from Finland have met in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm.

Gustav V, Karl Knutson and Christian I, the three leaders of the Nordic countries world have come together and declared the formation of the Nordic Empire!

The negations’ have taken nearly a decade. This long wait has been nothing compared to the centuries already waited but as of now the entire Nordic world from Greenland to Finland will fly under one banner, the Nordic Banner!

The concessions have been many for all. The dual Swedish-Norwegian throne will be divided. The wildly popular younger brother of Christian X will take the Norwegian throne. Finland a historic part of Sweden shall remain separate as a Grand Duchy under the rule of now Grand Duke Christian I.

Economically the Danes and Finns will adopt the Swedish Krona and previously restricted national waters will be opened to merchant and fishing vessels from their now fellow Imperial States. These compromises were not made without gain however for Swedish Kong Gustav V and his decedents shall take up the mantle as Emperor of the Nordic Empire.

Upon the taking of the title of Emperor Gustav’s younger brother Prince Oscar shall be crowned Kong of Sweden.

Combined the Kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden with the Grand Duchy of Finland shall hold elections every four years to elect a supreme parliament. The electoral majority winner will then be ‘appointed’ by their respective Monarch or Duke.

While today is a true day of celebration Kong Gustav V is has taken gravely ill and is unable able to take part in the celebrations. With what has not been made public. Until Gustav can recover however Christian X shall rule in his place as Viceroy.

Internationally a storm may already be brewing as the Russians have proclaimed some form of Lordship over Finland. This has been seen as situation that could spark conflict should the Russians attempt to exert control over Finland or attempt an incursion of their own into our united Nordic lands.

North Recognize Rif and Varangian Guard

Stockholm, Sweeden

With the emergence of the CRR on the international stage Konge of Denmark and Viceroy of the Empire announced the formal recognition of the Confederated Republic of the Rif after consulting the ill Gustav and the parliament. This is seen merely as a formality however as the governments of and Sweden and Denmark both held relations with the Rif which included trade and embassies having been built in Stockholm and Copenhagen in 1910 and 1911 respectively.

With the unification however the embassy of the Rif will be moved to a recently renovated building on the same street that holds a number of other nations embassies.

With the recent accumulation of records from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark it has been announced that approximately 10,000 citizens of the Norden Empire are currently serving as the personal guard of Basileos Alexandros I of the Byzantine Empire. It is a time honored tradition dating back as far as 911 AD and the tradition will continue to live on under our united Empire. In the same announcement the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Finance stated the services of the Varangian Guard will be open to any nation. Employment agreements may be done through Minister of Foreign Affairs Andres Borg.

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