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marți, 17 mai 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 6

Dual Monarchy Recognizes Moroccan Confederation; Emperor Warms to Russian Overtures


The independence of the North African territories now confederated as the Rif, or Morocco, is a accomplishment. They are free from their former European rulers. With this in mind, the Dual Monarchy has extended full recognition and honors to Moroccan diplomats and envoys.

An Austrian-Hungarian Embassy has opened in Fez; a large bank building on a prominent corner has been purchased and is being renovated and furnished as this paper went to press. Experts on foreign policy and trade are quite eager to begin a commercial relationship with the Moroccans. Indeed, the news helped fuel a rally on the Vienna Bourse today as stocks and bonds rose, especially those of banks and merchants who would handle future commerce between the two nations. It is stated several prospectuses are being drafted to form companies in Morocco.

A source close to the Kaiser's court can confirm that Russian attempts to redesign a new League of Emperors or a similar pact were well received. "The Emperor warms at the proposal and the Czar," remarked the informant. "The Emperor and his ministers hope for only stability vis-a-vis the Russian Empire and the wider arena of Eastern Europe." Relations could be derailed over the future of Serbia and Romania, however. The former nation is supporting separatist cells in provinces of the empire whilst the latter nation also has territorial claims. There is fear Russia might place its relations with Serbia above those of Austria-Hungary.

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