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luni, 27 iunie 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 17

The Tides of Conflict


Earlier today, President al-Khattabi gave a speach concerning the tensions of war and almost certainty of conflict between nations in Eastern Europe:

"Brothers! You know me well, perhaps enough to know that I am considered the most 'popular' in 'Europe'. This aside, I implore you to listen to my words. Already, there have been claims upon the rowdy Balkans and Scandinavian lands. Already, so fresh in this new year, we see tensions rising that I indeed believe will culminate into war: I say this now that I condemn such wars, wars of Imperial conquest. Though I make no mention of specific cases, the Confederated Republics of the Rif decry all such actions, actions that threaten the political and military balance of Europe, the balance that has preserved peace up to now.

We, the Rif, have seen our homes consumed by the nightmarish forces of imperialism, we have lost our loved ones to the tyranny of foreign powers. And, should the monopolistic grasping of land by the European powers continue, it will only be a matter of time before the Europeans themselves will know of the terror and the horror and the despair that plagues those conquered.

And to the conquerors: do not take confidence in your military, for the stronger you are, there will always be some damn-fool coalition strong enough to bury you..."

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