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vineri, 24 iunie 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 16

Reforms in Italia; Sicilian Queen Arises


After the unification of Italy, the various kingdoms and nations that comprised the peninsula have been somewhat shakey on their status and autonomy within the Kingdom. Over the years, Italy has become a political boiling pot of emotions and stances. In Venice, the politicians are divided evenly down the split in regards to their relations with the Byzantine Empire.

One faction, lead by Senator Antonia di Costra, has called for stronger ties with the Balkans, specifically the former Venitian territories of Trieste and Zagreb along the coast near Sarajevo. They call for the reacquisition of former Western Roman Empire holdings, to not be upstaged by their Eastern Roman Empire-descended Byzantines.

However, Count Luigi Vanderas who himself is descended from both Byzantine and Roman Imperial nobles, wishes for closer relations with the Byzantines and a more cooperative ideology with their long-time brethren in Anatolia.

Nearby, the Count of Bologna, Ricardo di Basili, has started a movement to maintains strong relations with the German Empire, which was united roughly the same time as Italy under a single banner.

Bologna hosts the largest German-speaking population in Italy, having formerly been a member of the Holy Roman Empire.

Senators from Genoa and Milan, however, have taken sides with the French due to long-time relations with their Frankish neighbors.

Even as talks stir up, various embassies are being created across Italy; The French Embassy in Milan, the German Embassy in Bologna, the Byzantine Embassy in Venice.

Of the voices, one rings the loudest. Lucia Bourbon-Anzio di Sicilia has arisen to the throne of the Kingdom of Italy. Descended from the royal lines of Venice, Milan, Naples, and Sicily, Queen Lucia of Sicily has been elected to be the ruler of the peninsular nation as tensions boil across Europe. Her moderately conservative stance has thus far earned few calls of opposition, and the young Lucia Bourbon-Anzio is expected to rule for many years. Her political savvy has earned her the admiration of some, and the begrudging respect of others.

Queen Lucia of Sicily is expected to take a slightly imperialistic role as her position of Monarch to appease the many political forces in Italy, as well as maintain cordial relations with nearby nations. Already, in Cagliari, she has authorized personal funds to be used to create a proper embassy for nearby Confederated Republic of Rif nations.

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