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vineri, 17 iunie 2011


Me questioning myself: Smoking will kill me?
Me answereing myself: Neah ... It might contribute to you dying faster, but it will definatelly not kill you.

Me questioning again: Alcohol will kill me?
Me answering: Come on! You naive, crap advertise believer!

Me ... again:
Life will kill me!
... and the answer: That is a true fact, mate!
And you people reading this are just 20 seconds closer to death!

3 comentarii:

  1. Actually, it's the women related stress that will kill you. And you will die in pain. Like the rest of us. That's for sure. :(

  2. daaaa... femeile ar trebui sa aiba pe frunte o inscriptie: 'Femeile dauneaza grav sanatatii'...

  3. Neah ...
    Femeile reprezinta cel mai bun lucru care i se poate intampla unui barbat!


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