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luni, 6 iunie 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 14

Voice of Europe, head titles

Sweden, Growing Crime

The Finnish and Danish law enforcement has delivered a great insult upon the Empire. The local authorities have refused to aid the Empire in taking action of the increasingly troublesome and violent organized crime problem. These gangs are a source of illegal gambling rackets, prostitution rings, and even the kidnapping of powerful and influential members of the community. These criminals have made full use of the borders between the Empires different stats knowing that the law enforcement cannot cross the border. The Empires lawmen have proposed to government the allowance of the Empire to form a national law enforcement agency that can cross the borders after strong evidence was found that connects the Finnish and Danish authorities to several of these gangs. It has been made clear in the dialogue between the national and local governments that the Danes and Finns have very few options open to them concerning the criminal organizations and their apparent ties to them.

There wasnt yet any official announcement by the Imperial government but garrisons all over the Empire are being mobilized and reserve units called up in what might be preparations to remove by force the crime originations.

International Security Meeting in Stockholm

In these troubling times of Empires and never ending military build up war seems inevitable unless something can be changed. Tensions are growing all over the world and the Imperial Parliament of the Nordic Empire has voted in favor of holding a „peace” conference with the several other nations.
It has not been made public the goals of the conference or which nations will attended but government leaks have confirmed that both the British and Byzantine governments have been sent requests to attend. Other nations may be expected but public knowledge has been limited thus far.

Spain to patrol Tunisian waters!

Comodore Carlos Martines-Rodas announced a plan to patrol the Tunisian waters in the southern Mediteranian due to the verging of both Presidents al-Khattabi and Ariaga. "Tunisia is a vital lifeline to Lisbon, and through them, us," says Rodas. "I will secure a small fleet of 2 destroyers, 2 light cruisers, and 1 heavy cruiser, and our flagship in the mediteranean waters. This fleet will be crewed by 5000 total men."
Rey Alonso immediately agreed to the plan and gave it his approval, despite many objections by his ministers.

German Diplomats Move to Establish Ties

German diplomats have recently been seen leaving Berlin towards neighboring nations to establish some ties revolving around trade deals to keep the German economy going, as no nation has all the resources.
As for the situation in the Balkans, the Kaiser has not yet made an official statement as to what he prefers to see come out of any talks and or border changes.

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