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miercuri, 8 iunie 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 15

The heretic monks

Hagia Sofia, Byzantium,

"Supported by the Holy Scriptures and the Fathers, we declare unanimously, in the name of the Holy Trinity, that there shall be rejected, removed and cursed nay of the Christian Church which is made out of any material and color whatever by the evil art of painters.
If anyone ventures to represent the divine image χαρακτήρ of the Word after the Incarnation with material colors, let him be anathema!
If anyone shall Endeavour to represent the forms of the Saints in lifeless pictures with material colors which are of no value for this notion is vain and introduced by the devil, and does not represent their virtues as living images in himself, let him be anathema"

This is the declaration of Patriarch Bartolomeu, made today in Hagia Sofia; this last declaration made by His Holiness comes as the last blow in a fight between the monks of Greece and the ecclesiastical power in Constantinopolis.

The Iconoclastic side has won today as Bartolomeu has received the blessing of The Basileos who has ordered all religious Icons to be removed from the Sacred Palace and all other Imperial Houses.

The Imperial army is to be Iconoclastic. We do not know the position of the Russian Church, still the Greek Church falls under the direct control of Hagia Sofia and they must accept the decree.

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