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vineri, 3 iunie 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 13

My Greek Brother

We the Eastern Empire have been known as the Greek Empire or the Byzantine Empire, we enjoy the name of Byzantium, it is the name of the town were our mighty Constantinopolis was built, but even if our language is Greek and our customs are Greek we are Eastern Romans.

A nation as old as ours must not be judged by the language it speaks now, but by the culture it has brought from past ages.

The Empire and the Rebels in the Peloponnesus, Larissa and Athens have been in contradiction since immemorial times.

The monks of Athos have always been the scourge of the true Church and their willingness to fight the will of the Emperor has always been known.

The three Greek nations in the mainland and the rebels in Crete and Cyprus have yet again failed to submit to the will of the Emperor regarding another ecumenical union. The fact that the monks of Greece refuse to accept the ruling of patriarch Bartolomeu and even to refuse the ruling of the Emperor has made a basis for another intervention into Greece.

By the decree of Emperor Vasilios Grekoticus in 1643 Greece must be either free or autonomous within the Empire, this is in order to keep the monks out of Imperial citizenship, and if an attack will come over Greece it will not bring a major changing in the Government of this Imperial Province.

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