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joi, 2 iunie 2011

Politics of War - Ep. 12

Britain: Sir Adam Cromwell: A Womanizer

The Commonwealth State (State Newspaper), London,

Today at Trafalgar square, Sir Adam Cromwell, Lord Protector of United British Commonwealth and its colonies, had delivered an outstanding speech upon the news of the most loved and dreaded nations!

„My fellow hardworking citizens of our great country, I appear to be within held of great news for our commonwealth. The United British commonwealth is by a far land slide victory, the most loved nation of all. I cannot tell if this is due to my charisma, my looks and abilities that attract the women of other countries or just our specialized foreign policy.

Either way we have succeeded in one of our many goals which is to promote peace and prosperity, I can see can now further establish this goal as we must protect the weak and feared!

For the prosperity and sovereignty of not only our country but the other countries nearby the United British commonwealth, we shall protect the sovereignty and the neutrality of Iceland, Belgium and the Netherlands with our very heart.

If needed, it may come down to British troops fighting for justice within these nations, in order to take out any sort of regime that is against the wellbeing of the people. However we do not expect such a thing to happen but we shall be prepared in case of such acts are to be committed, acts that could very well be described as a dirty, cold blood stain upon a fresh, sterile cloth.

So let our nation prosper once more and achieve many more glories and victories for the self being of our people. We can only achieve more with the help of the British public itself, so it up to your very own decisions on how your country can go.

As a reacction, most of the Europe’s influential political analysts concluded that sir Adam Cromwell should kill his advisors imediatelly. Others reminded of his past and cocain addiction.

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  1. Dude, come on, are you serious? I can't believe he said that. How come he said all those things in that global context? Is he not aware of the perils that are ahead of him in this journey he wants to embark? And adding his cocaine addiction, man, this will be a blast!

  2. Cromwell: Here I am, rocked you like a hurricane!

  3. eu l am adus la stadiul de rock star si tu vii cu gigi becali....bine, daca stam sa ne gandim, becali cam e un "rock star" de romania....

  4. Si toata lumea scanda:

    Gigi! Te iubim noi ca tine vrem sa fim!


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