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vineri, 25 februarie 2011

Friday, it's a magical day, it's music day with Canibal

Band: The Ocean 
Genre: Sludge Metal
Country: Germany

Current line-up

Luc Hess : Drums
Louis Jucker : Bass
Robin Staps : Guitar, Samplers
Jona Nido : Guitar
Loïc Rossetti : Vocals
Islands, Tides (Demo, 2001)
2nd Demo (Demo, 2002)
Fogdiver (EP, 2003)
Fluxion (LP, 2004)
Aeolian (LP, 2005)
Precambrian (Double Album, 2007)
Heliocentric (LP, April 2010)
Anthropocentric (LP, November 2010)

The Ocean - Fogdiver - Fogdiver

The Ocean - Fluxion - Dead On the Whole

The Ocean - Aeolian - Swoon

The Ocean - Precambrian - Hadean/Archaean - Hadean

The Ocean - Heliocentric - Swallowed By the Earth

The Ocean - Anthropocentric - The Grand Inquisitor: A Tiny Grain of Faith

WOOOOW!!! So many influences... it's mind-boggling. So intense. It's fucking amazing.

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