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marți, 10 martie 2009

Turkish Dish

I am turkish and I love being turkish because I can taste the oriental flavour whenever I want.

I was talking with a friend of mine (the anonimous Titu Eduard Stefan) the other day and he reminded me about a turkish dish which always reminds me of my grandmother. Suberek as you know it, ciborek as I know it.
I remember the Sunday days spent at my grandmother's with the entire family present, my grandparents, my parents, my brother, uncles, aunts, cousins. We were talking loud, all together, laughing, playing, sitting in my grandmother's garden filled with flowers and trees. In fact, we were waiting to eat. On the table there were some jars with cherry stew (my favourite) and pear stew waiting to be eaten along with the subereks. Whole large plates filled with them. Some with meat composition, some with cheese and some with jam. Man, it was a true feast of the mouth and belly.
We still have such Sundays.

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  1. Those things in the picture look exactlly like the ones cooked by my grandmother - but we call them ”tigăni” and are usually served with cheese.

  2. salty, hard as a rock, sheep cheese...miam miam

  3. gosh... why do i keep checking your food posts while at the office? you'd better have these tigani (or whatever they're called) this week-end :)

  4. yeah TheAnti, you better have them done this weekend.

  5. Canibal, don't try to avoid responsibility :D
    doesn't work this way. your idea, your (turkish) type of food, you're the one who must deal with us now :P

  6. Oh come on ... you cook really well ... so ... please satisfy our needs :D.
    If I could cook that well i would. But in my case it would be an achievement if i dont blow up the kitchen.

  7. I hope i remember well that line:
    Alah is the only god and Mahomed is his profet!

    this is my tribute to you for the honor of tasting some of the finest goods.

  8. Expect to taste some more


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