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vineri, 6 martie 2009

Talmacu S.O.S.

WARNING: This post may contain bad words. But he earns them.

I will not wait for Talmacu to write the rest of the story from "This is Balta" 2007 because I know he fucking entered in his usual inlove mode. I know he is sitting at his fucking cocksucking computer and writing dacian love poems to his dear beloved and fucking dreaming with his fucking lazy opened eyes. I also know that right now he is trying to fucking play at somebody else's fucking Hora guitar ( we all know that he is lame at playing guitar) a fucking lame song that he wrote, about brave cocksuking dacian warriors sitting on top of fucking holy mountains and fucking praying. So, I will post, starting next week, fucking pictures and words about Balta 2008 "Baza 1 and Schakal Organisation".

2 comentarii:

  1. ba ii ia paine ade la gura omului doar ptr ca e inlove
    ce oameni domne

  2. E astenia de primavara bah. Nu am mai scris nimic cu exceptia unei poezii. Da am sa ma tresez sa termin povestirea cu balta si sa o incep pe a 2-a sa nu te mai stresezi. :P


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