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luni, 9 martie 2009

A New Man Is In Town

As you probably know, Liviu Mihaiu (journalist, activist, ex-governor of A.R.B.D.D. (Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve) has been replaced with the former executive deputy director of ARBDD, Grigore Baboianu. Now let's see, Liviu Mihaiu started his new job as governor with impossible declarations: he will stop the fishing in the Danube Delta, the only activity undertaken in Danube Delta will be tourism (dumb fucking ideea), he will stop the illegal fishing, he will take the entire wood resource of the Delta and put it under the control of the Administration, he will give another purpose to all agricultural terrains in the Delta (a green purpose), he even did raids with the relevant authorities with the aim of stopping poachers. Well, one day, Liviu Mihaiu tried to go on a raid but he was refused because the AUTHORITIES did not gave him the required men. So he woke up butt naked. Moreover, another government came and Liviu Mihaiu was replaced with relevant political colour. From the start, I suspected that Liviu Mihaiu served another's purposes. I still think that all he did was a facade for all the bad things that were still happening in the Delta, with or without his knowing.
Today I saw an article about the declaration of the minister of Environment, Nicolae Nemirschi.
He said that he has a gentlemen's agreement with the minister of agriculture that the industrial fishing will be stopped in the Danube Delta. A gentlemen's agreement? Come on, let's be serious. Such serious issue like the industrial fishing cannot be resolved by a gentlemen's agreement.
I, again, have the feeling that they are talking to fill our heads with promises. Exactly as they did in elections.

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  1. let us not forget that Mihaiu was also put in that position by "relevant political colour".this will continue on every election cycle. i guess a real manager would do a better job. for fuck sake we have an environmental management collage, i think we can find a brainiac in that line of work

  2. Such environmental management college cannot and will never provide a manager for ARBDD. Because:
    1. It's a political position though it should not be.
    2. "We can find" is wrong because you cannot put anybody in that position. "They" is the correct word. They will never find a suitable person to do the right thing for the environment. Because "they" don't want to.


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