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joi, 26 martie 2009


As I told you before, I had a broken camera. So, I took it to a repair shop. After an hour of searching for the shop, walking without a target to find my way back home in the amalgamated streets of the quarter behind the Victoria Palace, I find the shop. In fact, I spot the car of the Fujifilm repair center. So, I think that the shop is near. And it was. I enter the shop and a very very nice guy offers me a seat to wait until he finishes the paperwork for the customer infront of me. The customer leaves and the repar guy calls me. I go to him and he asks me what is the problem of the camera. Well, I say to him, I dropped it on the floor. Ups. He looks at me with some sort of admonishment. He tries to open the camera without succes. Of course, I say in my mind. It is broken. I dropped it on the floor. He than tries again to open the camera but he looks in to the small screen, not the big one, and he looks at me very dissappointed. He changes the betteries of the camera and says that the batteries were dead. I look at him with a stupid face. The camera was fine. The batteries were dead. Stuuuuuppiiiiiid!!!

The conclusions are:
1) Fujifilm makes great cameras.
2) Cardinal Top Systems are great.

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  1. One fragment of a word for you my turkish friend: TARD!!!!

  2. hahahahahahaha... you made my day. i was laughing all by myself in front of the computer after a crazy day at work.. all my colleagues bet the work proved to be fatal for my braincells. anyway, look at the bright side: the camera is fine and you're a bit smarter :)


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