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miercuri, 18 februarie 2009

Underneath Britain

We perceive Britain as a centre of civilisation. High ranked universities, perfect health plan, distinguished accent, gentlemen, £ , social welfare, pretty high standard of living, signatory of the Kyoto Protocol etc., etc.
This is not the reality.
I will try to exemplify a few true aspects of the real Britain in a series of posts.


Britain produces 940,000 tonnes of domestic electronic waste annualy. Some components of this waste are toxic because of the burning metals and dioxins content. They discard this waste into dumps. The waste is loaded from the dumps and shipped to Africa. And they make money from trading the waste to poor african countries where it is harvested by young men and children trawling through toxic dumps. About 10,000 tonnes of defunct televisions and 23,000 tonnes of computers are being traded abroad in an industry worth tens of millions of pounds.

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  2. It would be a great deal to deposit the SHIT in poor countries. Imagine that we could dry the SHIT and process it in order to make bricks out of it. Imagine how many houses they can build from the dry SHIT. How wonderful the SHIT is as a building material. Consistent, eco friendly, preserves heat, organic, high availability, free.

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    Quite a strange association of words isnt it? - Holy things are to religion something to be worshiped, on the other hand SHIT is a vulgar word.

    But takeing into consideration how many things you can do with SHIT - I wonder is it just a profanity phrase or a description of how usefull and important SHIT is to human beings?

  4. Does God lay eggs? io cred ca daca ai trai acolo(anglia) te-ar durea in curul ala care scoate holy shit....te simti solidar cu africani pt ca si tu traiesti intr-o tara bananiera careia i se mai intampla sa primesca asemenea oferte de la lumea civilizata, si asta pe face atent.

  5. Dar uite, vezi? Nu trăiesc acolo. M-am căcat chiar aseară şi nu m-a durut deloc. Dacă ştii de asemenea oferte spune-mi-le.

  6. pai vezi ca tolomacu voia sa faca afaceri cu il impacheteze si sa il livreze la cine vrea sa aruce cu cacat


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