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joi, 22 ianuarie 2009


yes ,i am here!
the ones who know me probably wondered when was i going to crank their heads with my ideas , my way of life , my philosophy on this blog . well.... sorry but i am not going to do that !
you lucky bastards ! you carried off this time !
as a matter of fact i 'm gonna do something better and bore your brains away from everything that maturity brings with it and that is exactly ideas ,philosophy ,ethics, society and all the stuff that cluggs your mind and sometimes makes you judge wrong. to make a long story short i will try ,at least , to give you fragments ,as in stories, of my childhood with all the juice it contained .
yes you will read about my granmother and her pig , YES you will read about Palade, yes you will of course read about many other of witch some of you already know. and because i still consider myself a child know the rest
well that's it for today


4 comentarii:

  1. We want juice, we want juice, we want juice!!!
    Nice introduction dear. Not like the OTHER ones!!! Mad.

  2. hello I am Linsay Lohan! (or whatever it is suposed to be spelled)

  3. show me your silicone you gadonkydonk chick!!!!!!


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