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luni, 26 ianuarie 2009

Baza Unu and "This is Balta!!!"

As many of you probably know, we, the collective of the Baza Unu group, gather in the summer to spend a few days in the gourgeous habitat called Danube Delta. The hardest thing to do is gathering other people for the trip except the already ready 5 "Baza Unu".

In the year 2007 we were 5 and later joined us another 2. Catalin and Sorina. I don't have pictures with them.
We gather and we go to Murighiol this is the beginning. In Murighiol Nea Petre is already waiting for us. Two guys remain to load the boat with the tents, backpacks and stuff and the others go to buy stuff to eat.
Things are done. Here we go!

This is Nea Petre. Long live Nea Petre!!!
The Muflon in the back is Radu the Lotcar Master (a very experienced Lotcar).
After around 20 minutes of we arrive at the spot. Magnificent. We had all conditions. Sun, water, booze, friends. And one chick. sexual freak. They made long baths in the Danube as I stood on the shore gathering swet in my favourite shirt called "The Favourite". I must say that I wore the shirt for a number of days until I, even I couldn't stand the smell of my own fluids.
We angled standing on the shore not giving a damn about other things except what we cook and drink.

Lovinelu floating like a fucking morning wood fairy with the fucking wood. Me with the fucking fish with big lips. The Leopard resting from last night's orgy.Talmaci doing what he can do best...fucking eating with the moronical hat. The Muflon fucking looking as the crayfish is fucking biting his fingers.
You had to be there to see Catalin trying to catch crayfish with his pastic bag on his hand not to injure himself.
The result of the crayfish hunt was this. A royal feast with boiled crayfish and garlic sauce.

The fucking crayfish. Me making the fucking garlic sauce and Muflonu picking the fucking boiled crayfish from the "ceaun". The fucking fucker waiting to fucking eat. The fucking fire-teaser making the mamaliga or as you fucking foreigners do say maize porridge (no fun). And the fucking royal dinner.

I might add the delicious chickens roasted in our oven (many thanks to Radu) (and many thanks to Talmaci who prepared them in his specific dacian ways)

The Muflon and the Petarda trying to rape the fucking chiken before we cook it. Talmaci doing his fucking pagan rituals before he cooked the fucking raped chicken.
The rest of the time we enjoyed ourselves doing almost nothing.

Take a look at Talmaci as he was trying to babble something fucking drunk ass. Muflonu passed drunk dead as he was feelling a little bad.Just a little. The fucking stranded whale...Just roasting in the sun. Or sitting like a freshly raped skinhead.
I will come back with pictures and more stories. Or someone will. The Mad Hatter or the TheAnti or Talmaci or Lovin or Crazy.

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  1. you should use next time you can`t your own stench....cocksuckerrr....Copy paste the link you lazy fucks

  2. Nu faceam bah ritualuri, coceam inima de la cioara(gaina, astea) sa o fac jumi juma cu skinetu :P

  3. the word fuck repeated so may times .... ;)

  4. The word fuck repeated so many times....
    What are you a fucking mormon you fucking fucker. Write a post you cocksuckeerrrrr

  5. hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! now he's pissed

  6. the mad hatter spunea...
    "hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! now he's pissed"

    Then it seems i am doing my job very well.


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