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joi, 23 aprilie 2009

Stuff I did

As I said before I have no usb cable to post photographs from my camera. So, I here they come.
Belciugatele barbeque.
The Master of Food, the Healthy Moldovean.
The Stuff.

The Count in his Fatness.
The Master of Food grabbing his wife's ass.
The Booze Woman.
The Bastards.

6 comentarii:

  1. offf.... ce dor m-a luat.... :(
    on a different note: the booze woman????? come onnnn

  2. Oh yeah...Right...I forgot...that you forgot the night you spent in the Danube Delta... logic.

  3. and not to forget: Take care of my precious beloved... or else
    No monkey business while she is there.

  4. hehe.. I was in the Danube Delta? when was that? :P.. but I was hoping I made a better impression afterwards.
    don't worry, i'm taking good care of your (and my) beloved. and hopefully we'll both hit the road to Bucharest in a couple of months (damn crisis)

  5. Medeea-Sela, if i were you i wouldn't forgive such a offence and revenge it!


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