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marți, 15 martie 2011

For Fun?

Lets see how romanian students in the Faculty for Foreign Languages (section: American Studies) prove their language skills:

Please, stop, I can handle the pain anymore!

You can do whatever you want, get fun!

Whatever you wish, I can give it to you.

I don’t won’t to argue with my mother because I took a low degree.

You have to tell me if its whether or not true.

You don’t worth her, because she’s very smart.

This phone is not real, is a fake.

If you will do whatever else then I say you deserve it.

Rather of running and stuff your nightmares in your mind maybe you should confront them.

He was striked by a car.

I’m waiting you even though you won’t come.

Only matters the love.

Put the song in a random.

Whether me or her choose!

Please charge in the phone(mobile).

It strike me like a bullet that news.

The winamp is random the music.

You cancel my comand

All you can do is matter for us.

I pick a random man to do this.

I warn you to not do because you can be hurt.

If I could sue her, because she hadn,t any evidence.

Whether if she likes it or not.

At least we don’t loose the bus.

It is a random if I meet you here.

My sister has teached me to aware with everything.

You really matter if I go to the concert by myself.

I warn you if you close the door.

16 comentarii:

  1. Wow. vreau sa ma angajez asistent la sectia de studii americane. Yummy!! Iti faci cu treaba cu studiile americane.

  2. Trebuia sa specific de la inceput: respectivele ... glume, afirmatii .. au fost culese de Alina.

  3. Ah, dictatorule, mi-ai dat tu din mariminia ta un astfel de drept?

  4. Here,
    feast upon my benevolence,
    use the option wisely

  5. oricum sunt studentii astia-s tari!
    si apoi ce... americanii stiu romana?

  6. ba eu sunt total analfabeta!
    deci: studentii astia sunt tari! nu ce dracu am scris eu acolo!
    nici eu nu stiu romana!
    ce sa mai vreau de la altii... :)))

  7. Macar americanii aia care nu stiu romana nu sunt la Facultatea de Litere studiind limba romana.

  8. ce oameni mai....colegii mei sunt niste stiti fapt au scris intentionat asa....este un mesaj ascuns pe acolo...

  9. Unde-i 'The Grammar Police' ? Ar face infarct citind...

  10. This is a place for people not for rules so fuck grammar police.

  11. Frankly I miss the comments made by Grammar Police.
    I want Grammar Police back!

  12. how about u enjoy it?
    and don't be such a smartass..inegalitatea dintre oameni remember? inegalitate and survival of the fittest in studii sau capacitatea de a le avea.
    and yes ofc la noi in tara this works - lipsa de intelegere si aprofundare a banuiesc - the whole point e - ete cine face facultate in x domeniu. available on all accounts therefore just proving adorata inegalitate. may long live!
    so - again - whole point e fun, cu frustrarea asociata ..frustrare justificata doar prin prezentare.comentariile sunt redundante. /kiss antiule

  13. Simona sa mor daca inteleg ceva din tot ce ai scris.
    Inteleg cuvintele luate separat, insa incoerenta atinge un nivel atat de inalt incat imi e greu sa procesez informatia.

  14. ei na. nu am fost incoerenta ;)) ba chiar e un fir logic intre tot ce am scris.( cu exceptia /kiss antiule )
    doar ca nu am explicat fiecare pas al argumentarii mele pentru ca m'am gandit - oh well, stie exact unde bat cu inegalitatea dintre oameni , deci nu tb sa prezint intregul algoritm.
    and yes, daca scriu acum scurt in 2-3 propozitii the bottom line o sa ma iei cu " eeee..pai chiar nu se putea deduce asta din ce ai scris!" ;))
    il las asa.."incoerent".. ( isi pierde din farmec daca ii dezvalui intelesul :P )

  15. Hello,

    The Grammar Police has heard your pleas and has returned. We are sincerely flattered that you have requested our presence.

    Though we have no real jurisdiction in Romanian schools or universities we cannot help but be appalled by how poorly these American Studies students grasp the fundamental principles of the English language.

    However, we believe that the students are not necessarily to be blamed for this situation, but rather the faculty members which allow individuals who clearly do not possess enough English skills to attend these classes and eventually earn a diploma or certification in this field.

    We believe higher standards should be enforced in this case.

    P.S. It is unclear to us what "American Studies" actually means in terms of curricula, but we presume that it also implies taking courses in English. If so, do these students understand the content of said courses?

    The Grammar Police


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