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vineri, 30 martie 2012

Friday, it's a magical day, it's music day with Canibal

King Diamond
House of God

The album's thematics are loosely based around Rennes le Chateau. The thirteen tracks tell the story of a weary traveler who is led to a church for lodging by a terrifying but compassionate wolf creature. Once there the wolf transforms into a beautiful woman who seduces the traveler into a soul selling deal. Once imprisoned in the Chateau the traveler descends to the bowels of the building and finds a crypt, wherein lies the body of "Christ". Disillusioned and heartbroken the traveler prepares to commit suicide, only to learn that God and the Devil are toys of even higher entities. The album begins with a haunting monologue:
"Upon the Cross he did not die, they tortured him, but he survived. Smuggled across the open sea, to Southern France, tranquility. There he married Magdalene, and founded another dynasty. A church was built upon a hill, to serve all of the gods at will."

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