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vineri, 23 martie 2012

Friday, it's a magical day, it's music day with Canibal

King Diamond
Abigail II: The Revenge

The plot correlates with that of the original album Abigail, and the listener discovers that she is actually the half-sister of O'Brian (the mysterious leader of the Black Horsemen from the original album), and is kept alive. The year is 1863, and Abigail is now 18 years old. She walks through a forest to the mansion from the original plot, where the gates are locked. She was going to die, when 'little one', the ghost of the original Abigail from 1777 opens the gates. Abigail enters and is greeted by Jonathan's servant, Brandon Henry. It turns out that Jonathan did not die after he fell down the stairs, but he uses a wheelchair. He has not moved on from Miriam's death and now calls himself Count de Lafey. He greets Abigail, calling her Miriam and believing she is back (she died from the pain when she gave birth to Abigail). He goes to bed, taking Abigail, where Jonathan rapes her, and Abigail decides to get revenge. Abigail goes to the crypt to see her past incarnation. Brandon Henry finds her and Abigail takes a sharp necklace from the mummified baby's neck (the same one from The Eye) and slits his throat. She puts broken glass in Jonathan's food, and then sets him on fire where he dies. The fire spreads to Abigail and she dies as well. The stillborn body of Abigail's 'spirit twin' is still alive, because the fire cannot get to the crypt, so her ghost does not pass on.


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