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luni, 13 decembrie 2010

Just Her (part 2)

Yes! Thrill me! Fill me! Rule me! Kiss me! God damn! Fuck me!

He grabs her, puts her with the face against the wall …

And ...

… slits her throat.

You always played your cards like you sat on aces, but you never knew what a poker face is. My dreams with you came with let downs, and my love for you kept tight with losses. You poisoned me and left so I came with the cure.

You broke me down and build a beautiful illusion, you fucked up my emotions and brought me in confusion, you torn me apart without a prior warning, threw me out brutally in cold when I was still busy warming. I played your game and lost the game but now I learned to deal with the cards I have been given.

There is no time, no space, I feel no remorse, I know I won my liberation it’s like a goal I have been achieving.

Cold eyes like the lies she has been told.

You are dead now SLUT!

4 comentarii:

  1. she just could not read your poker face

  2. bravo!!! bravo!!! (doar pt cunoscatori ;) )

  3. ...and now he becomes a necrophile...

  4. Becoming a necrophile would be pointless.


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