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joi, 17 iunie 2010

On rights

Its summer! like dooh .... now thank you mr. obvious.

Summer brings its flavor regarding the way girls dress, or not [really] dress. Really short skirts, some small piece of cloth on the upper part of the body.
As a decent, civilised, model citisen you have to ignore this provocative manner of getting dressed otherwise its sexual harassement, rape.
But isnt it also a invite [from the girls] for us [boys] to brake the rules of society? Who should draw the line? The State with his overprotective attitude - i am here to protect you for your own sake - or us, and get what we desire regardless of outcome?

I look at them and it feels like they yell at me ... look you fucking idiot i am here, almost naked come and fucking have me ... and then i turn around and follow my own path.

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