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marți, 29 iunie 2010

The 3 day trip to Hell

I've been to Hell, and I liked it! So did other 100.000 people.
Orphaned Land was in the middle of their repertoire when we arrived at the location of the biggest rock festival in Romanian rock history. A chill crossed my spine while we were entering the premises. We were entering the concert venue, the scene for some of today's  biggest rock bands. Paradise Lost, Manowar, Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica, Rammstein.
First day: Orphaned Land (opener), Paradise Lost, Volbeat, Manowar, Accept (headliner)
Orphaned Land's gig in Istanbul was canceled so they came to Romania. Decent sound. I liked Ocean Land, Norra El Norra. I did not understand why the vocal (Kobi Farhi) said that he is not Jesus. Well, he sure looked like Jesus. But let's not forget...We were still in Hell.
Paradise Lost followed Orphaned Land and our beer trips. I can't remember anything from their concert, except their song "As I Die". I was not drunk. Yet (sorry ass joke).
Volbeat. Oh yeah! This one was a surprise. I thought they were gay, but they weren't...kinda. They had hard riffs and the vocal had a really good performance. I never heard of them until Sonisphere. It is possible to include them in my playlist. I liked The Human Instrument, Sad Man's Tongue (dedicated to Johnny Cash and Ronnie James Dio) and fuckin' Boa. Thumbs up for Volbeat.
The kings of Heavy Metal, Manowar ruled the night. That's for sure. Joey deMaio started speaking to the public in fucking Romanian. WOOOOOOW. "Suntem din nou pe pamant romanesc si suntem foarte mandri sa ne aflam aici..." And he kept on speaking Romanian for several minutes. They played the classics: Manowar, Kings of Metal, Warriors of the World United, Thunder in the Sky, Black Wind, Fire and Steel. But they also played a tribute song to RONNIE JAMES DIO Heaven and Hell. I fucking cried like a wet pussy from the beginning to the end of the song. Thank you Manowar! The Manowar concert ended with diMaio ripping his bass strings, making some big fucking fat noise and throwing them to the public. Heil Manowar!
Accept. We left!
Day two: Vita de Vie (opener), Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica (headliner)     
Vita de Vie. How come you have a mean son of a bitch guitarist and somebody like Adrian Despot on vocals? It doesn't fucking match dude! During their show, Despot said:"Thank you, it is very hard for us!". What the fuck is so hard for you. Dude, you play opener for SLAYER. Have you ever listened to Slayer? That is some hard shit. So shut the fuck up!
Anthrax. I'm not a big Anthrax fan. They played the beginning of DIO song Holy Diver. Respect!
Megadeth. Sucked ass. I was bored to death during their show except the solo guitar parts. Mustaine, you must deal with your issues man! I felt no power coming from their music.
Slayer. A terrific show of raw power and aggression. I was efing blown to pieces by the awesome four. Araya, King, Lombardo and Hanneman. I just watched the fucking show and I headbanged. You can't be aggressive while Slayer delivers massive evilness in your ugly face. There were two drunk ass creeps in front of me trying to make a mosh-pit. The best thing they managed to do is to rape each others legs. They were humping like fucking dogs. Fucking retarded.
I headbanged really hard on every Slayer song. World Painted Blood, Jihad, War Ensemble, Hate Worldwide, Seasons in the Abyss, Angel of Death, Beauty Through Order, Disciple (THEY PLAYED FUCKING DISCIPLE MAN THEY FUCKING RULED), Mandatory Suicide, Chemical Warfare, South of Heaven, Reining Blood.
Kerry King was supreme.
Metallica. My legs hurt so much that I wanted to go home. But I didn't. Metallica is Metallica man. You can say what you want, they will still kick your ass with their metal. It didn't bother me that James said Budapest instead of Bucharest, it didn't bother me when Kirk missed notes on his solos. I fucking enjoyed every single song. The crowd was awesome so they said they will return. Of course they will return. The Romanian metal crowd is efing awesome. Except the losers throwing with beer cups. The Metallica show was great. They played songs from the new album which I enjoyed very much, also some oldies like One which fucking ruled supreme, Sanitarium (Welcome Home) also a cover of Queen's song Stone Cold Crazy.
After day 2 I was dead tired.
Day three: Luna Amara, Anathema, Stone Sour, Alice in Chains, Rammstein
I wanted to resist till the Rammstein show so I did not attend Luna Amara and Anathema.
Stone Sour. I thought they sucked ass and they pretty much did. Not my favorite type of metal. I don't like girlie stuff.
Alice in Chains. I went to rest and have some beers.
Rammstein. The place was packed. No place to throw a needle. I thing it was the biggest crowd  of these three days. The curtain fall and the demented sickos from Rammstein begun to violate our open mouths with flames and explosives. The vocal is fucking impressive. He is standing still with his arms crossed in the back and with his eyes straight forward. No grimaces on his face. He was like a stone golem. Except the moving and singing part. I liked the keyboardist. He had a walking band installed between his two keyboards and he was walking while he was playing them. He sparkled in the dark as he was thrown in a metal thing by the vocal. I never imagined that the vocal will be suspended in air and then throw fire and explosive on the poor little keyboardist. The vocal was a beast, he was pushing around and spiting the keyboardist like he was the scum of the earth. Fabulous. The best fucking show ever. The keyboardist jumped in a inflatable boat and the crowd pushed him around over the head. I touched his fucking boat. AWESOME.
I can't tell how awesome it was. If they come again I will go for sure.
I loved everything about the band. The haircuts, the outfits, the props, how they moved, how they interpreted, the pyrotechnics, every fucking thing. The vocal even said Multumesc.
I wait for Rammstein. Wooah!
In the end I can say that this festival ROCKED ASS. Although I can hardly walk properly. Sonisphere 2012 here I come!

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