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luni, 7 decembrie 2009

Back from Ireland

Small buildings, usually 2-3 floors high and made of bricks. Small gardens in front of each house. Old english houses, and the new ones follow the pattern.

People on the sidewalks, byciles, some motorbykes and a couple of cars on the streets. No traffic jam.

Cold but no wind. Temperature close to 0 Celsius degrees, but many girls were wearing t-shitrs and short dresses.

Pubs … Temple Bar … pints of Hearp (irish local beer) and Guinness, shoots of wiskey (some local brand) … no smocking. I usually smoke about a pack of cigarettes while drinking, this time I only smoked 2 cigarettes, as the only place i could smoke was outside the pub.

Museums were closing at 5 pm (4pm last visit) and as i was finishing my ”things” after 5pm could only see them from outside, at least in the last day i managed to see Dublinia at noon (only for 30 min though as i had to hurry to catch the plane).

Visit at the Guinness factory in Dublin, drank a couple of pints at the bar there. Just a note: the bar was at the 7th floor so was the biggest building in a large area, the walls of the bar were made of glass so there was a great view of the city.

Speechless …

Ireland is not one of the big economic powers, actually is usually overlooked and in the shade of their well-known neighbour – England, but nevertheless it appears they managed to build up a nice country. No spectacular things, no ultra – mega structure/wonder, but great strong points overall.

I came back from Ireland on Friday and today, after 3 days, I am still dreaming of Ireland and I guess I will still have this feeling for a lot of time from now on.

So back from Ireland ... Back to romanian shit now!

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  1. Sa vezi ce-o sa mai curga femeile acum, cand le vei povesti ca tu ai fost in Irlanda la Dublin. Nu vom mai avea loc de tine.

  2. Who cares about girls?

    Give more wiskey!

  3. :))
    manelist coclit, ai votat cu basescu

  4. evident ca nu.

    eu sunt anarhist, nu am implicatii politice, nu votez!

  5. fucking votat cu Crin!

  6. concluzie: sunt un manelist coclit, anarhist si mincinos fara implicatii politice, insa subiectiv atasat de Crin Antonescu si PNL.

  7. apropo: face cineva cinste cu o sticla de jack?

  8. Where's my fucking scotch you fucking moron.
    How about I hit you in the face and then puke in your mouth?
    Traditional, cel care se intoarce dintr-o calatorie obisnuieste sa aduca ceva cu el cu care sa serveasca colegi, prieteni, etc.
    Astfel,, apropo-ul tau mi se pare fara niciun rost.

  9. si ”peschesul” e traditional, nu?

  10. I can ask anything, there is no point for censorship.


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