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marți, 24 noiembrie 2009

True Facts with TheAnti

Anarchist punk with an axe in his hand and freedom in his heart.

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  1. why don't you show us your axe more often? ha?
    You are a fucking slave. You are not proud at all. Girls rule your sorry ass life. Reach for our hand to pull you up, bitch.

  2. ah ... the girls, well what can I say I love them, love them all and they love me back :D

  3. tare comment TheAnti.....pai cu atitudinea asta de baietel de 12 ani nu e de mirare ca tu crezi asa ceva :P

  4. ah ... envious males hiding in anonymity

  5. i think you are quite wrong mister...

  6. ah

    the pain, the horror, the agony, the mistrust ... treachery & perfidy ... the tears and the demonic laughter


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